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Reader Reviews

“I read this thoughtful and insightful handbook on a flight from San Francisco to Boston. I was travelling in coach with no leg room and the doofus in front of me started leaning his chair back. I felt the anger rise in me and just as I was about to ram my knees into his chair back or shout loudly at him… I had the answer there in my hands. I actually laughed because I’d just read the STOP chapter about controlling anger and was about to follow my usual unhelpful routine! I paused, breathed and was able to discuss the matter calmly and produce the outcome I wanted without the anger, frustration and misery.

This book is a gold mine of everyday advice drawn from the author’s everyday experiences. It’s thankfully free of patronizing “self-help” jargon and schmooze: preferring instead to offer simple and effective insights that I’ve been able to employ immediately and effectively. I’m buying more copies of this book to give to relatives this Christmas!” Helen Pratten, London

“I thought that Bill Scheinman’s book, Moment by Moment, was great! It was very helpful for someone like myself, who is still fairly new at this type of meditation. I really appreciated Mr. Scheinman’s down-to-earth style & the simple, day-to-day examples that he used to help become more mindful. This book de-mystified meditation, making the practice of meditation inviting to anyone. Thank you, Mr. Scheinman, for writing this book!” Bart Cox, Denver

“This is a really marvelous book that is plainly written and refreshingly free of jargon. It provides a simple, easy to follow program to help you become more present in the moment and aware of yourself. Learning to be present in yourself radically changes how we see, and therefore interact with, the world around us in all its different forms. This presence lets us become more compassionate with ourselves and others. I can’t recommend this book highly enough.” Anna Williams, San Francisco