Beginning. Again.

Mindfulness is a very forgiving practice. Whether we lose track of our thoughts during a meditation or forget to notice our body and breathing during our work day or completely fall out of the habit of practicing mindfulness altogether – in any moment, at any time, we can simply begin again. This is especially relevant as we begin a new year. Just as, during the new year’s reflections, we assess how our life has gone over the last 12 months and begin to orient ourselves to the positive changes we wish to make in our lives in the next 12 months – with mindfulness we are always coming back to the present moment and the choice we can make in it.

At the beginning of the year we can make resolutions for bettering ourselves, for being healthier, happier, more generous, or whatever. With mindfulness practice we make a new resolution each moment we come back to awareness. Every time we interrupt the trance of our fantasies, projections, and stories, and return to the fragile aliveness of our body breathing, we are making a resolution that being present is what’s important and how we want to live our lives; that this moment, as it actually is, with its joys and sorrows both, is worthy of our attention and care. Every time we come back to this moment, we are making the resolution that we wish to be awake for our lives, not asleep, that we are willing to open to the mystery of our lives even as we make plans to pay the rent. It all begins with noticing this breath….