Mindfulness Coaching

“Bill is an extraordinary coach who is able to get to the core of the issues.”

—Anna Williams

Whether you are new to mindfulness practice or are an established meditator with a desire to go deeper, Bill can provide a focused framework to help you enliven your practice. In addition to getting one on one support in your mindfulness practice, Bill is a CTI-trained* coach who can help you clarify your values and live in alignment with them. Bill’s mindfulness coaching can help you to discover what is most fulfilling, and to imagine ways of moving toward that fulfillment. Mindfulness coaching is also a great way to explore the perspectives you live in that may not be serving you, and to discover new more life-affirming perspectives. A coach can also act as the holder of space both for the pains and frustrations of life as well as the bliss-giving joys, bearing witness to the challenges and changes in your life and the courage it takes for you to meet them.

Coaching is not about getting fixed or healed, it’s about being empowered to take action that will transform your life. A coach will be your champion and your collaborator as you take steps to create the life you want and see through limiting perspectves.

*The Coactive Coaching® model emphasizes that every human being is fundamentally creative, resourceful and whole. According to this perspective, your innate wisdom is already inside you, waiting to be accessed and ignited for transformative change.

Facts About Coaching:
– A coach is not a therapist, but a collaborator in the embodiment of your life’s vision.
– Coaching is a relationship between peers. It is a horizontal relationship, not a vertcal one.
– In coaching, the client sets the agenda. The coach guides the coaching.

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